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Half board dinner offer at Hotel Lomnice Špindlerův Mlýn

Our guests have an opportunity to have an accommodation with half board at our restaurant

3-course dinner: starter or soup + main course + dessert (please note the surcharges for some meals).


Truffle potatoes (sour cream, speck, dill, chives, truffle oil)

Surcharge 50 Kč

Beetroot tartare with goat cheese and baguette with basil pesto

Surcharge 60


Soup of the day

Beef broth with meat, vegetables and egg noodles

Goulash soup

Giant Mountains creamy soup of sourdough with wild mushrooms

Surcharge 25

Main courses

Traditional Bohemian roasted beef (150g), vegetable creamy sauce, dumplings

Pork roasts (150g) with sauerkraut and potato dumplings

Pork or chicken schnitzel (150g) with pommes frites or potato mash

Steak of chicken breast (200g) with potato herb puree

Pork tenderloin schnitzels (150g) with potato mash

Surcharge 50

Half of roasted duck (900g) with red cabbage and dumplings

Surcharge 95

Roasted pork belly (500g) with cabbage salad and toasted bread

Surcharge 95

Pork tenderloin (200g) with root vegetables and pumpkin puree

Surcharge 65 Kč

Grilled pork neck (150g), pommes frites, herb sauce

Flank steak (250g) with green pepper sauce, squashed potatoes 

with onion

Surcharge 175

Spaghetti bolognese with parmesan

Tagliatelle pasta with cream sauce, Parmesan cheese, truffle oil, 

chicken or broccoli

Surcharge 55

Butter roasted trout with herbs, fresh vegetable salad and toast

Surcharge 60

Breaded edam cheese with fries and tartar sauce

Blueberry dumpling (300g) with curd cheese and whipped cream


Lomnice burger with pommes frites

(beef (180g), bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato, gherkin, lettuce)

Surcharge 95

Caesar burger with pommes frites

(chicken breast, romain lettuce, anchovy dressing, parmesan)


Hot dog with spicy debrecener sausage (75g), filled with leaf salad and cheese, with pommes frites


Caesar salad with poached egg 

(romaine lettuce, anchovy dressing, poached egg, parmesan, croutons)

Caesar salad with chicken and bacon 

(romaine lettuce, chicken breast (100g), anchovy dressing, bacon, parmesan, croutons)


Dessert of the day

Blueberry cake with curd and whipped cream

Surcharge 20

Sour cream cake with fruit on sponge cake

Surcharge 20 Kč

Vanilla ice cream wrapped in pistachios on hot chocolate

Surcharge 70

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